A life in basketball, with different sport roles; not only athlete, but also coach with brilliant results. We are talking about Aldo Corno, the #LegendsForever story of this week.

He played National Basketball Championships in Serie A and B from 1966 to 1980. Since 1981 he has been a national coach. As a coach he won 12 championships, 6 Euro leagues, 6 Italian cups, 5 Super Cups, 2 Ronchetti Cups and 1 World Cup. He also trained the women’s national team for 12 years.


An Interview with Aldo Corno:

At what age did you start thinking about life after your sporting career?

Honestly, I always did. During the competitive period, I graduated in Motor Sciences and I started teaching physical education in schools.

Can you explain how your exit as an athlete happened?

I decided to quit at age 30 because I had heart problems (arrhythmias) and this made me anticipate the end of a competitive career that could have been longer.

What were some of the more difficult obstacles you had to overcome once your professional career as an athlete ended?

The only difficulty was a phycological one: having to give up something I had loved and that had been a part of me since I was a child. I had no problems inserting into life afterwards as I taught and trained at a high level.

Who has been the most support for you during this time?

I have worked hard to prepare myself for a decent future. Having an exceptional woman next to me, like my wife, beside me has helped and facilitated me in the continuation of my career.

Did your sports club/society help you when you decided to end your sports career?

Yes. With my first and last club/society we formed a deep relationship and a friendship was established which continues to this day.

What suggestions would you give todays athletes knowing that at some point each career as an athlete has to end, and what can they do to prepare for this second phase?

Study!!! One must never get tired of studying to update and improve oneself, to prepare for a future career. I know that competitive sport is beautiful, but it is a brief part of our lives.

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