Giada Galizi, one of Italy’s swimming diamonds, has participated in numerous international swimming competitions with the Italian National Swimming Team. At 26 years old she is  already part of the Italian Polizia di Stato Sport Group, about to complete her BA in Political Science and International Relations and giving her all for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Interview with Giada Galizi

At what age did you start thinking about your post sport career?

I would absolutely love to qualify for Tokyo 2020 as it would be the cherry on the top of my sports career. I have already decided to think about my post career and am studying in order to have the basis for my future. I have decided that after Tokyo I will give priority to university and further my studies which, as a result of very intense training, I have taken lightly the last few years. I am very determined to enlarge my horizons learning new things in different sectors.

You are still an athlete, have you thought about what you will do afterwards?

Absolutely, lately I often think about what future lies await for me. Being in the police force is definitely a positive opportunity and should not be underestimated. I am proud to wear this uniform and represent my country and it is exactly this that pushes me towards wanting to dedicate myself more towards the respect, regulations and justice system to help create a better world. I chose to study Political Science but through time I see myself more and more in the world of law and once I have finished my studies I plan on integrating my degree with the exams needed in order to achieve a second degree in law. If I am able to complete these studies, then, thanks to the police group that I am already per if, I will be able to dedicate my knowledge and experience to improve important matters regarding our country. I believe in my dreams, be them in the swimming pool or in the working world and plan on achieving them and not excluding any opportunity that may present itself.



What are the major difficulties that you face preparing for your post sport career?

Probably the uncertainties, me and many other athletes will face. I believe that the world of sport, however beautiful, is still a closed world, I have always defined it this way because in the end it can give you a taste of what life is really like. It definitely teaches you to never give up, always believe in yourself, get up again if you fall, always put yourself on the line or in a team. These can be compared to the difficulties of “real” life and can also prepare us for what we will face later on. I can’t deny that I feel a little bit of fear when thinking about life without a competitive sport, a totally different life with bigger priorities and responsibilities and will not only be that of being an athlete, but a woman in the world. We are all a part of a society, society is us, many human beings, but together they constitute the world. It will not be easy to be someone and to be fulfilled, but perhaps it is a mixture of fear and hope looking forward to knowing the woman I will become.

Who would you say is you support system? 

Certainly my family, they are my safe point and mean everything to me. They are always close, especially when I need them the most!

How can your club help you prepare for the moment in which you decide to step out of the swimming pool definitively?

I think a sports club can help an athlete by accompanying them in the months leading up to this decision by supporting the athlete‘a decision. I am convinced that afterwards it is the atheltes’ responsibility to make the best di their careers.

What advice would you give athletes of today to help prepare them for their post-athletic career? 

My most advice is to have fun. Always having fun, enjoying one’s sporting career in all its facets even the negative ones because everything will help in a certain sense to form us and to understand what we want, and what we don’t want from ourselves and out of the world because it is a sort of “second life”, with a beginning and an end. One must be good at not losing anything, it is a wonderful possibility according to my experience to be able to be a professional athlete, and it must be lived to the fullest. I think the “end” of this journey must be lived with the same enthusiasm, or at least that’s what I expect from myself, because I don’t see it as an end to a defeat but rather we an opportunity to be employed and live in another way after having “run” a fantastic period of our life. As for me, I think the important thing is to finish without regrets but knowing that we have given it our maximum even when it seems impossible. The beauty of being a sports person is that it will always be a part of life that we will be able to narrate gaveling lived it in first person.

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