The story of György Kárpáti, the then small kid who became 3-times Olympic Gold-winner and lobbyist of Immortal Athletes.



György Kárpáti was born 23rd June, 1935, in Budapest. He started his sport career as a swimmer, but he tried himself in water polo as well. Though he was several time national champion in swimming, he chose water polo. He was the member of the national team the first time in 1952, and win immediately an Olympic gold medal. This followed two times more, after 3 olympic championship titles, he was 3 times European Championship winner as well. He was retired from active sport in 1969.

We chose him to be introduced within the European Day of Care project, because his sports career is remarkable, should be good to watch as a motion picture as well. Nowadays the 84 years old legend still has a positive character (though he has to face off with a lot of illnesses). He is the head of Immortal Hungarian Athletes Association, which has an aim to show an example to the youth. He has a mission to retain the memory of the great athletes of past.

After his sport career he was a coach, in 1970 he was the assistant coach of Dezső Gyarmati (his ex team-mate) while leading of the Hungarian Waterpolo national team. They won Olympic gold medal together as coaches together as well. After leaving the national team he became a trainer in Austria. After he came back to Hungary and became the head of water polo section at Ferencváros. He had degree in law at Eötvös Lóránd Science University, and from 2003 until now he is working in FIDESZ (the governing political party of Hungary) at the cultural department and sport section.

“We can say that the Immortal Hungarian Athletes Association has been created to give even more attention to outstanding athletes with great results with making our great athletes even more attentive and respectful” – said György Kárpáti. “The Immortal Hungarian Athletes Association is trying to make a worthy memory for the deceased ancestors and cherish traditions” – he said.

“Within the framework of these events, we commemorate our famous athletes, spreading the message of sport to the youngsters.”

Kárpáti himself visited the countryside several times, lobbying for this case. The current “club members” are obviously trying to convey the public opinion of sports love to the audience at these events.

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