On Saturday 1° June, the Società Sportiva Lazio presented the project European Day of Care in the most prestigious sports hall in Italy, the Italian National Olympic Committee’s Hall of Fame – CONI Salone d’Onore. This project, co-funded by the European Union, was presented by the Project coordinator, Gabriella Bascelli, to all potential stakeholders and athletes to be involved in the project. The project is aimed at supporting athletes excel in their post professional sport careers by re-integrating them into Society. Every week, each club that is part of the project will publish a story about one of their country’s most successful athletes to encourage the dual career notion.


 S.S. Lazio Basket with the help of Mr. Simone Santi has successfully reached an agreement with the European University of Rome which will hold a University course for 3 days aimed at teaching the athletes the basic skills for continuing with a professional working career. The course will be of 16 hours and constitute two University credits recognised by the Ministry of education and will be valid for other courses within the Italian Universities. Through this course and knowledge of the university and its staff, athletes will also be introduced to new realities and gain confidence. The re-integration will follow with a 2 month internship within one of the 65 sports sections of the Società Sportiva Lazio.

Helping present the project was Mr. Giuseppe Palma and Fabrizio Pellegrini, President of the Unione Nazionale Veterani dello Sport – Giulio Onesti Section, who organised this honourable event. Present at the event and supporting the project, was the General President of the Società Sportiva Lazio, Antonio Buccioni, who spoke of the importance of being a family within the sport world and how all roles are important. Present at the event were 15 sport sections of the Società Sportiva Lazio with their coaches, managers, athletes and parents of athletes.

The event was a success and the opportunity is free, thanks to the co-financing of the European Commission, and is open to all professional athletes interested. This project take place in 5 cities in 5 different countries thanks to the EMCA network and project partners, S.S. Lazio Basket – Rome, Ferencvarosi TC – Budapest, HASK Mladost – Zagreb, Sporting Foundation – Lisbon and Tampereen Pyrintö – Tampere.

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