Celine Cepa is the EDoC Local Project Coordinator and the Executive Director of Sporting Foundation.

Celine is a PhD Student in Clinical Psychology at Universidade de Lisboa. After her Master Degree in Psychology (Universidade do Minho) she began working in a Social Welfare institution where she grows from project manager to project coordinator, and then, in 2016 she accepted the challenge of becoming Sporting Foundation Executive Director.
She as a lot of experience working with children and youth in situations of social vulnerability and their social networks, and in management areas, that she acquired in the diverse experiences of work where she has been like “Espaço Jovem da Quinta do Lavrado E5G” or “Casa da Cedofeita – Crescer Ser”.

Celine practices Shooting regularly and she likes to keep updated about the world news, but her biggest passion in the world is being a mother.


Filipa Silva is the EDoC other Local Project Coordinator and Assistant Administrative/Social Worker of Sporting Foundation.

Filipa have a degree on Social Work from Universidade Lusiada and began working at Sporting Foundation, where she grows from volunteer to Assistant Administrative/Social Worker.

On her day-to-day activities she manages several national and international social projects.
She as a lot of experience working with children and youth in diverse situations, that she acquired through being a scout leader (and growing up as a scout), and experience working with families, disabled people, and situations of social vulnerability that she acquired through her internship in a Hospital.

She loves to swim and practised swimming for 18 years.



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