The Project

Thanks to the Project actions, lasting 18 months, people coming from each of the four Multisport Clubs involved – Lazio Nuoto (Italy, project leader), Levski Sport For All (Bulgaria), Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) and Olympiacos SFP (Greece) – will experience a few-days-period in the other three Clubs, visiting their structures and sport facilities.

These people, that are chosen with gender equality criteria, will have the opportunity to meet new colleagues, working in contact with them and seeing different techniques of doing their job in a different country.

Their experience and engagement will be monitored by a group of experts (two from each Club) who will assess the project results and elaborate a final handbook, representing one of the heritages of the project.

Thanks to this experience, all the participants involved will increase the baggage of experiences and the relationship among the Clubs will be strengthened, stimulating the creation of future mobility partnerships in next years.

Moreover, a strong communication campaign will contribute in spreading this message of mobility and sharing of knowledge, even thanks to the final handbook, that will be published on EMCA Studia, book collection promoted by EMCA and available online to everyone.