Last night 25/06/2020, Lazio Nuoto held its debut press conference. With the sun setting on the banks of the Tiber at the Circolo Canottieri Lazio, the Multisport Academy team presented the project and the accomplishments of the last 18 months. The mobility team has had the opportunity to travel and interact with its partners Olympiacos SFP Piraeus, Levski SFA Sofia and Red Star Belgrade, learning about their sports structures, organization and methodologies.

Not only has this mobility project taught the teams (made up of 4 coaches and 4 sports staff for each partner country) about the different sport realities, it has also created a friendship between the participants and a serene working environment with new objectives.

Among the attendees were some sports celebrities, Pierluigi Magni ex Lazio football captain, Arturo Diaconale, Francesco Pasquali, Stefano Pantano and the S.S. Lazio waterpolo team.

A special thanks to the CC Lazio club for allowing us to use their beautiful premises, President of the S.S. Lazio Multisport Club Antonio Buccioni and his Vice Vicar President Federico Eichberg and President Massimo Moroli for their support and speeches.

A huge and final thank you for all the work done by the Multisport Academy team, Gina Luzzatto, Maria Luisa Saponaro, Livia Simeoni, Gabriella Bascelli, Giorgio Portaluri, Daniele Capuani, Roberto de Belis and Riccardo Di Veglia.

Our next step is Sofia, Bulgaria where we will be hosted by Levski Sport for All. We look forward to this with great enthusiasm.

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