Today, 20 February 2020, the third mobility experience commenced in Pireaus, Greece. The delegates from LEVSKI Sport for all, S.S. Lazio Nuoto and Red Star joined up with their colleagues from Olympiakos. To commence the mobility experience, the 4 teams did some team building in the afternoon discussing the objectives of the third trip and the outcomes of the hand book.

Following the team building session, the delegates proceeded to visit the Olympiakos Peace and Friendship stadium to participate at the EuroLeague basketball match between Olympiakos S.F.P. and LDLC Asvel which Olympiakos won with a brilliant 77-68.What was incredibly interesting was to see and learn how many different ways Olympiakos uses the same stadium for different sporting and non events. Definitely a fabulous way to start off the Multisport Academy 3rd mobility trip.

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