Hosting representatives of different countries in your city, visiting your sports facilities; then, later, live the same experience, but from a different perspective, being you the visitor, welcomed by new friends in their own city. This is what S.S. Lazio representatives lived (and are living) in Multisport Academy, being hosts of the first mobility experience in Rome; and then guests in the second exchange trip in Belgrade.

«We are looking forward to be in Athens! We knew it would be a good project, but it’s even better than we expected  – says Roberto Debellis, S.S. Lazio Ginnastica Responsible for Marketing and Communication -. Month after month, we are creating friendships with our colleagues from other European Countries. We are young people of future sport labour market and we discovered we all believe in the same values and we want to grow up in the name of them».

«I and many other participants talked about future ideas for our Clubs, like for example create an EMCA competition inspired by our common “Multisport For All” approach – he continues -. Probably, thanks to Multisport Academy, we are those dreamers who will work to make it come true».

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