Sporting Clube de Portugal made a few workshops with the main theme “If you fail the preparation, be prepare to fail”

17th, 20th and 26th September 2019 at Sporting Clube de Portugal Academy


Sporting Foundation had started the action plan with the development of several workshops on the theme “If you fail the preparation, be prepare to fail”. During September we ’de invited some young athletes from Ajuda to visit Sporting Clube de Portugal Football Academy and learn about a professional sports life and how important is school and being prepared for everything. First Workshop was raising the awareness for young athletes of Casalinho da Ajuda at Sporting Clube de Portugal Academy.

On the 20th September, the Sporting Foundation workshops continued with Sporting Training Academy students.
Sporting Training Academy is a Sporting Clube de Portugal project that has a vocational course with both educational and professional certification upon completion of the course, representing an alternative to formal school.
Using great examples such as Naide Gomes, Katarina Larsson, Francisca Laia, Helena Carvalho, Pedro Pinotes, etc. It was possible to show that with effort and dedication is possible to live a fulfilled Dual Career and the best way to be a legend forever is being prepared! The workshop was awareness-raising for young athletes of Students Sporting Training Academy – Class 03.

Another “If you fail the preparation, be prepared to fail” workshop with Sporting Training Academy students was at 26th September and it was the targeting young athletes students of Sporting Training Academy – Class 04.


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