A motivational story about András Telek, Ferencvaros football star with a gift of making a connection with the fans. Now, after a few job changes, he has his own company where he is working on the area of making insurances.

András Telek was born 10th December, 1970, was educated in Ferencváros. He played in the first football team for the 1st time on 13th July 1989, against Al Rasid, on a friendly game the club was losing 2-0. He played his first competition game on 17th March 1990, in Szombathely, against Haladás, Fradi could not win 4-0. He has played 343 games in Ferencváros in total, during these games he scored 4 times. He won Championships 3 times, Hungarian Cups 4 times. He was the member the legendary squad of Ferencváros which qualified to UEFA Champions League Group Stage in 1995-1996.

In 2002 he was retired from the team of ZTE. After that he was a coach for a short period, he was working in the youth of Ferencváros, and he was the coach of the women’s national team. In 2007 he ended up with football, and he moved on to the financial area. From 2007 he was a broker of Allianz insurance company. After this he decided to change working together with clients, making direct contacts with them. In 2017, he made his own company, and after getting permission from the National Bank of Hungary, he is working on the area of making insurances.

As Csaba Tobak, the Museum Director of Ferencváros says, András Telek was a very intelligent person not only on the pitch, but of the pitch as well. From the beginning he had a gift of making a smooth, direct communication with the fans. Because of this, it is not a miracle to say he was one of the most popular players among the fans, and also in private life, because of his personality. He was very empathic, also with his team mates, fans and friends of him. So, it is not a surprise that he is trying to solve the insurance problems of people.



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